• Interior in Stailess Steel AISI 304 for easy cleaning of surfaces and prevent accumulation of germs and bacterias
    • Outside Surface in Special White Steel (Skinplate), which guarantees the absence of corrosion with use
    • Designed to work with temperature between 10°C and 30°C degrees, and relative humidity up to 55%
    • Factory setpoint set at +5°C, can be easily adjusted in the range from +2°C to +15°C
    • Polyurethane Water Base Insulation 60/80mm (66-150/450), ensures greater temperature stability
    • Air Forced Cooling and Automatic Defrosting System, designed to optimize the air distribution inside, achieving stability and uniformity of temperature as well as quick recovery in case of door opening
    • Removable Shelves to adjust to the type of product to be conserved, in Plastified Steel, to avoid corrosion
      – 4 x (650 x 530mm)
    • Glass Door with Low Emissive Tempered Double Glass
    • Reversible Door with Self Closing to closed position, with ergonomic designed handle for easy cleaning
    • Hole for External Probe, with 15mm diameter, allowing a easy access by an external monitoring system
    • Additional mobile probe, working as a mass simulator, allows measure the specific temperature at any point on the equipment
    • Vertical LED light on glass door version
    • Wheels – 2 Swivel + 2 Swivel with Brake, for easy move the unit
    • Locker Included, to prevent unauthorized access
    • ADVANCE Controller (see specifications)
    • Safety Thermostat, which garantees that under no circumstances the temperature inside the equipment will be below +2°C, protecting the products stored inside

  • Code: 801086

    Model: MLRA 700 G

    Weight: 720mm

    Depth: 840mm

    Height: 2020mm

    Inner Dim. (WxDxH): 560x665x1440

    Net volume (Lt): 535

    Weight (Kg): 150

    Power: 390W

    Tension | Freq.: 230V - 50Hz

    Temperature: +2º/+15º

    Noise Level: < 50 dB

    Consumption: 1300 kwh/year

    Outer Material: White Plastic Coated Steel

    Inner Material : Stainless Steel AISI 304

    Insulation (mm): 80

    Gas: R 290

    Shelves (standard): 4

    Max. Weight/ Shelf : 34.5

    Shelf Material: Plastic Coated Steel

    Defrost: Automatic

    Alarms: High/Low Temperature, Door Open, Probe Failure and Power Failure

    Conections: USB/RS485


    Safety Thermostat:

    Battery Back Up:

    Port Hole:

    Remote Dry Contact:

    Data Logger:

    LED Light:

    Reversible Door:

  • Weight with packaging (Kg): 160

    Dimension (mm): 750x870x2060

    Load capacity (unit):

    TIR | 20” | 40”
    45 |18 | 39

  • Gray shelf

    Shelf Support Gutter Kit
    Cod. 129038_63